Preparing for Hurricane Irma

Just days following Hurricane Harvey’s destruction across the U.S. Gulf Coast region, Hurricane Irma is hitting the Caribbean and threatens the southern United States. Our thoughts are with those being impacted by Irma, and continue to be with those recovering from Harvey.

Last week, we donated diabetes medicines, including insulin, to Direct Relief International (DR) to help with Harvey relief efforts. DR has informed us that a vast majority of these medicines have been deployed and are helping those in need in Texas and Louisiana.

Earlier this year, DR pre-positioned insulin and other medicines that we donated to areas susceptible to hurricanes. These kits helped people in Texas and Louisiana and are positioned in multiple clinics in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in advance of Irma.

Going forward, we will work closely with our partners, including DR and Americares, and will respond to requests they might make for product donations.

For people in affected states and Puerto Rico who are taking Lilly medicines, please know that if your medicine has been damaged or destroyed by the storm, you can talk to your pharmacy about getting a new 30-day supply. Many insurance plans have “disaster overrides” that allow you to replace your destroyed medicine for the cost of a co-pay. If you don’t have a disaster override, Lilly will provide you with a new 30-day supply at no charge. And if you have a high deductible plan that normally requires you to pay the full retail price for your treatment, you will receive a 30-day supply at no charge if your Lilly medicine is destroyed. Patients and pharmacies should call The Lilly Answers Center at (800) 545-5979 for assistance.

Our thoughts are with those impacted by these terrible storms. And we are so grateful to the many organizations and people who are helping those in need. All of us are indebted to you for your incredible work.

Rob Smith

Senior Director

Lilly Corporate Responsibility