Risk Management

Risk Management is the continuous process of assessing and characterizing a product's risks and taking all appropriate and necessary actions to communicate and minimize the risks of the product and maximize the benefits to the patients.

Through implementation of risk minimization activities, the risk management process ensures that information that may impact the benefit/risk balance of a medication is appropriately communicated to physicians, their patients and regulators.

Lilly's role in risk management is to help healthcare providers make informed decisions about:

  • How and when a drug product should be used
  • How to monitor the patient for potential adverse events

Healthcare providers have an essential role in minimizing the risks for their patients. Physicians stay informed of emerging safety information, evaluate the credibility of the information they receive, and translate the information into the proper context to make the best possible prescribing decision for their individual patient.

Lilly plays an essential role in making sure that the healthcare provider has the correct and most current safety information in order to have those critical discussions with the patients.

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