Approach to R&D

For 140 years, Lilly has used its innovation-based strategy to discover, develop and deliver cutting-edge medicines that help improve the lives of people living with devastating diseases.

Our approach to research and development – Timely Valued Medicines to Patients – underscores the importance of creating value for our stakeholders by accelerating the flow of medicines that lead to improved patient outcomes. Whether it’s a compound we are developing on our own or through a partnership, our priority is getting treatments to patients in a timely manner.

  • Internal R&D: We recognize the importance of investing in one of our most valuable assets –approximately 6,000 world-class scientists who are working tirelessly to discover and develop potential medicines faster than ever before. We always strive to complement this work with the best innovations outside the company.
  • Collaborations: Lilly is proud to be a leader in public-private partnerships and we are committed to bringing great minds together to help solve tough biomedical challenges, accelerating breakthroughs for patients who need them, and increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of bringing new medicines to patients. Collaboration can bring together a wealth of knowledge and build upon existing science. In the end, this new model of investment helps streamline the discovery and development of new medicines in a way that can get treatments to people faster.


We leverage our discovery and development expertise to deliver effective solutions in five main therapeutic areas: diabetes, oncology, immunological diseases, neuroscience and pain, and cardiovascular disease. Today, our pipeline is comprised of more than 70 therapeutic agents, including novel investigational medicines for Alzheimer’s disease, psoriasis, high risk cardiovascular disease, and multiple types of cancer.

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