Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal

Lilly’s primary method of invoicing is electronic invoicing through the Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal, where Lilly suppliers can (a) submit Electronic Invoices and (b) Self-Serve Inquiries relating to invoice, purchase orders, and payment status.

eConnect is hosted by Direct Commerce, a leader in the e-invoicing market. eConnect is a secure and easy-to-use online platform that will ensure Eli Lilly Invoices are compliant with tax standards.

The default method for doing business with Lilly is eInvoicing. Lilly uses Direct Commerce, a leader in the e-invoicing market, to host our eInvoicing system (eConnect). All new PO Suppliers are required to enrol in eConnect to submit your invoices and view your PO information.

See list of Lilly entities that are currently live on eConnect here. This list is updated as each Lilly entity is activated/enabled for eInvoicing on eConnect.

Lilly Suppliers can avail of the following benefits once enrolled in eConnect:

  • No fees to register and use the portal.

  • 24/7 access to an easy to use secure web portal to submit invoices and view Purchase Orders online.

  • Eliminate postage costs and lost invoices.

  • Flip purchase orders into accurate, tax-compliant invoices.

  • Payment terms begin upon submission of a valid eInvoice

  • Request early payment in exchange for a discount

  • Review real-time status of invoices (submitted, pending approval, approved, scheduled to pay, paid)

  • Find payment information quickly

What to expect: When your new supplier account is set-up in Lilly Supplier eConnect, the supplier Accounts Receivable (AR) contact will receive a message from This message will include a Quick Start Guide and a user login and temporary password. Please use the following link to access the Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal. If you are an existing vendor who has not used eConnect in the past, you may self-register using Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal Enrollment.

Suppliers with large invoice volume may be interested in our EDI option. Please click here for further information. eInvoicing suppliers, portal invoice templates and EDI, should not mail Lilly any invoice that has been or will be submitted via Lilly Supplier eConnect. Mailed invoices will be returned.

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