Early Payment Program

Eli Lilly’s standard payment terms are net 60 days. However, as a supplier you have multiple options to select early payment terms in exchange for a discount. Invoices will only be paid on the discount due date if the invoice has been approved for payment by the Lilly contact. Invoices which were not approved by the discount due date will not be paid until the net due date (typically net 60 days).

Negotiated Contractual Discount Terms

If discounted terms have been negotiated and included in the contract language, those terms will be applied to ALL invoices submitted. The supplier will not have the option to select which invoices the discount is applied.

Web Invoicing Suppliers - Rapid Pay Program

Through our collaboration with Direct Commerce, we have created an easy way for suppliers to elect early payment terms at the time of invoicing in exchange for a discount. Many discounted terms are offered to provide flexibility to the supplier. It is a very simple process: When a supplier submits invoice via the Web, edit payment terms from a drop down menu and submit.

The benefits of the Rapid Pay program are requesting an early payment in lieu of discount is at the sole discretion of the supplier. This program allows supplier flexibility to meet their cash flow needs. If you would like to learn more, please contact Direct Commerce at 415-288-9700 or support@directcommerce.com.

Other Options

There may be rare instances where your invoice has been processed without discounted terms and you would like to be paid early. This may be an option, please contact the Lilly P2P Answer Center at (317) 655-2700 or (877) 511-1529 or via e-mail at P2P_Answer_Center@Lilly.com. They will review your open invoices and provide the discount options available.