Invoicing Requirements

Please see Lilly Supplier eConnect page for Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Spain

Lilly Supplier eConnect

United States and Puerto Rico

Lilly is committed to achieving on-time, accurate payment. However, there are key points to understand:

  • Lilly’s standard terms are net 60 days from date of RECEIPT of a VALID/ACCURATE invoice.
  • Web invoicing is required for all Purchase Order (PO) business.
  • Inaccurate invoices will be rejected and accurate resubmission will be required.
  • Lilly issues payments on a weekly basis. All invoices which have reached their payment term maturity will be accumulated and paid in the next weekly payment.
  • All Suppliers - Invoice Requirements and Credits Due Lilly

    Invoice Requirements for All Suppliers

    Follow the instructions below carefully to ensure proper and timely payment of invoices. If an invoice is received and does not comply with the following requirements, it will be rejected and returned for correction. Payment terms begin when a VALID/ACCURATE invoice is RECEIVED by Lilly Accounts Payable.

    1. Invoice must include the following information:
      • Eli Lilly and Company PO number (10 digit beginning with 41,45,47 & 49)
      • Identifying number (invoice number)
      • Invoice rate
      • Supplier's name and address-must agree to PO
      • Customer's name and address - Lilly entity
      • Details of the goods or services provided
      • Goods and services must be invoiced on separate lines and must reference the appropriate PO line item #
      • Goods quantity (must be same UOM as PO and not exceed 3 decimals)
      • Price of goods or services – MUST be same currency as PO
      • Additional miscellaneous charges (i.e. sales tax, freight) MUST be separate items on the invoice
      • If VAT is being charged, invoice must include:
        1. VAT registration number
        2. Rate of VAT
        3. Amount of VAT charged
          • Total amount due – MUST be same currency as PO
    2. Any other supporting documentation that allows the Lilly business owner to verify the amounts charged to ensure they are consistent with the agreement
    3. In General, Supplier statements, quotes or proforma invoices WILL NOT be accepted as a valid invoice unless local country regulations state otherwise.
    4. Invoices must be submitted immediately upon shipment of goods or rendering of services
    5. Supplier should monitor the PO details & open balance and resolve any issues prior to issuing invoice
    6. Changes to supplier name, withholding status(Puerto Rico suppliers), banking instructions, etc. should be submitted to Lilly immediately. Please see instructions at Supplier Setup and Change Requirements.

    Credits Due Lilly

    • Credits or credit memos must be submitted separately from invoiced charges and submitted to Lilly immediately upon identification
    • Credit memo should reference the related PO, if applicable
    • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should the supplier use credits to reduce future invoices
    • Suppliers who submit invoices via the Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal must submit credit memos via the web also
  • LillyUSA Suppliers - Additional Invoicing Requirements

    Access Adequate Invoice Documents for specific REQUIREMENTS for suppliers doing business with LillyUSA Sales and Marketing.

  • Suppliers Domiciled Outside the U.S. Doing Business with a Lilly U.S. Entity - Additional Invoicing Requirements

    In order for Lilly to determine if payments made to OUS suppliers are subject to U.S. federal tax withholding, Lilly MUST obtain information related to the goods/services being provided AND whether the income is U.S. sourced.

    If the additional is not accurate on the invoice submission, the invoice approver will reject the invoice. This will delay payment and require accurate invoice resubmission.

    Web Invoicing OUS suppliers
    You must accurately answer four questions when submitting your web invoice:

    1. Does the invoice include goods only? If yes, no additional information will be necessary
    2. Provide the type of income related to the invoice
    3. Location of the service: U.S. only, OUS only, both
    4. U.S. Base Amount: Amount of the income related to services performed in the U.S. or related to U.S. property

    Paper Invoicing OUS Suppliers If you or your company provide services within the United States (U.S.) or if the property that produces the income is located in the U.S., provide a completed Type of Income Questionnaire for every invoice submitted. Do NOT combine multiple invoices into one questionnaire.

  • Invoice Submission Instructions

    Electronic PO Invoice Submission – Web Invoicing via Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal

    The default invoicing method for doing business with Lilly in the United States (U.S.) and Puerto Rico is web invoicing. Lilly uses Direct Commerce, a leader in the e-invoicing market, to host our web invoicing system. All new PO suppliers doing business with Lilly in the U.S. and Puerto Rico are required to enroll in web invoicing.

    Web invoicing offers the following benefits to the supplier:

    • Cash predictability-visibility to when payments will be made
    • Reduction of incorrect, unpaid invoices
    • Elimination of misdirected/lost invoices, mailing cost and lost time in mail
    • 24/7 posting of invoices – payment terms begin immediately upon submission
    • Option to select expedited payment terms in lieu of a discount on each invoice

    What to expect:

    When your supplier account is established in Lilly Supplier eConnect, the supplier Accounts Receivable contact will receive a message from Direct Commerce Support. This message will include a Quick Start Guide and a user login and temporary password. The A/R contact must take action to complete the registration and set up other customer service individuals to receive POs and A/R individuals to submit invoices.

    If you are an existing supplier and would like to utilize web invoicing, complete the online web invoicing enrollment form. Or if you're an existing supplier and are already enrolled in web invoicing, log in here.

    Suppliers who have EDI capability and submit an average of 40 or more invoices a month to Lilly can be approved for our integrated Web EDI option. Suppliers who are interested in this option should contact the Lilly P2P Answer Center via email to request this option. The supplier’s EDI team will work with the technical team at Direct Commerce on the integration details. Our EDI standard EDI version is ANSI X12 4010 for 850 outbound and 810 inbound.

    Web suppliers should not mail Lilly any invoice that has been or will be submitted via Lilly Supplier eConnect. Mailed invoices will be discarded.

    PO Invoices - Paper Submission

    Please mail your invoices to the address below that corresponds with the legal entity to which you are providing goods and/or services:

    Regular Mail

    Legal Entity Address
    1. Eli Lilly and Company

    2. Elanco U.S. Inc.

    3. Lilly USA, LLC

    4. Lohmann Animal Health
    PO Box 7045
    Troy, MI
    Lilly del Caribe, Inc. PO Box 7041
    Troy, MI
    Eli Lilly Export S.A. PO Box 7024
    Troy, MI
    1. Eli Lilly Canada Inc.

    2. Elanco Canada Limited
    C/O UPS-SCS7315 David Hunting Dr. Unit 2
    Mississauga, Ontario
    L5S 1W3

    Overnight Courier

    Legal Entity Address
    Name of Lilly legal entity being invoiced 1872 Enterprise Dr.
    Rochester Hills, MI

    Non-Purchase Order (Non-PO) invoicing

    PCard – U.S. suppliers only

    Contact your Lilly business contact to determine if PCard would be appropriate for the purchase. Many departments within Lilly have a departmental Visa PCard that can be used for purchases from U.S. suppliers < $10,000.

    Under no circumstances should the supplier submit an invoice to Lilly Accounts Payable for a purchase made via a PCard. Receipts for the purchase must be sent directly to the cardholder.

Need additional help with invoicing?
Contact the Eli Lilly and Company Purchase to Pay Answer Center:
Phone: Local (317) 655-2700; Toll-Free (877) 511-1529

Working hours are 7:00am – 5:00pm EST, Monday – Friday.