Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal

Effective January 2018, the Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal (eConnect) will be available to Lilly Suppliers to (a) submit Supplier Electronic Invoices and (b) Self-Serve Inquiries related to invoice, purchase order, and payment status.

eConnect will be hosted by Direct Commerce, a leader in the e-invoicing market eConnect is a secure, easy-to-use online platform that will ensure Eli Lilly Invoice & tax standards.

The eConnect Inquiry functionality will be available to all Suppliers effective January 2018, while the electronic invoicing capabilities will be turned on in a phased approach country by country throughout 2018 & 2019.

Effective January 2018 eConnect Electronic Invoice capabilities will be available to the below list of countries. This list will be updated as each subsequent phase is deployed throughout 2018 & 2019.

Country Affiliate Name
United States Eli Lilly and Company
United States Lilly USA, LLC
United States Elanco U.S. Inc.
United States Lohmann Animal Health International
Puerto Rico Lilly del Caribe
Ireland Eli Lilly Kinsale Ltd.
Ireland Eli Lilly S.A. - European SSC Irish Branch
United Kingdom Eli Lilly and Company Limited
United Kingdom Eli Lilly and Company Limited, Speke Operations
Denmark Eli Lilly Denmark AS
Sweden Eli Lilly Sweden AB
Norway Eli Lilly Norge AS
Canada Eli Lilly Canada Inc.
Canada Elanco Canada Limited

Eli Lilly Suppliers can take advantage of the following

Benefits of eConnect

  • Transaction free processing - No fess charged to the supplier for using eConnect.
  • Eliminate postage costs and lost invoices Access to an easy-to-use, secure web portal for submitting PO invoices
  • Flip purchase orders into accurate, tax-compliant invoices Request early payment in exchange for a discountBegin payment terms upon submission of a valid eInvoice
  • Review real-time status of invoices (submitted, pending approval, approved, paid)
  • View Lilly purchase orders online
  • Find payment information quickly
  • Submitt email queries to our P2P Answer Center

What to expect:

When your new supplier account is set-up in Lilly Supplier eConnect, the supplier Accounts Receivable contact will receive a message from Direct Commerce Support. This message will include a Quick Start Guide and a user login and temporary password.

Please see following link to Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal

If you are an existing vendor who has not used eConnect in the past, you may self-register using Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal Enrollment