Supplier Setup and Change Requirements

Eli Lilly and Company is committed to ensuring the proper handling of Personal Information collected in connection with your business relationship with Lilly, in accordance with Eli Lilly’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy and local law. Please read the Lilly Accounts Payable Privacy Statement.

  • Required Documents

    Situation Required Documentation (form links below)
    1. New supplier

    2. Reactivate supplier after inactive period

    3. Name or Tax ID change
    Supplier Information Form (SIF)
    Tax Form:
          Supplier domiciled in US - W9
          Supplier domiciled outside US - W8 or 8233

    Note: Lilly cannot provide guidance on which tax form is appropriate for the supplier’s business circumstance. Please consult the IRS instructions or a tax professional for questions regarding tax forms.
    1. Address change

    2. Contact (e-mail, fax, phone) change

    3. Diversity Categorization change
    [Supplier Information Form (SIF)]
    1. Banking detail change

    2. Enroll in electronic payments
    Electronic Payment Enrollment Form
  • Where to Submit Documentation

    Situation Required Documentation
    1. New supplier

    2. Reactivate supplier after inactive period

    Submit documentation to your Lilly contact
    1. Existing supplier - all change requests

    2. Existing supplier - enroll in electronic payments
    Web invoicing site: Instructions
  • Form Details and Links

    __Supplier Information Form (SIF):__ Form will not open in Internet Explorer. Right-click and select "save target as..." and save file to desktop, then open; OR, Use Chrome to access the site and file.

    Electronic Payment Enrollment Form: Used when requesting to be switched from check to electronic payments or to request a change to supplier electronic payment bank details. Form will not open in Internet Explorer. Right-click and select "save target as..." and save file to desktop, then open; OR, Use Chrome to access the site and file.

    Tax Forms: Supplier must determine appropriate tax form for its business situation. Lilly must obtain a current version of the form applicable to the supplier’s business situation.

    Supplier domiciled in the US

    Supplier domiciled outside the US withholding

    (please read US withholding Tax Information below)

    Suppliers Located outside of the United States PLEASE READ
    U.S. Federal Withholding Tax Information for Foreign Suppliers
    The United States government, through the United States Treasury which is the U.S. governmental agency responsible for tax collection and tax law enforcement, generally requires United States companies making payments to non-U.S. persons or companies to withhold 30% of payments subject to Non-Resident Alien (NRA) withholding.

    Not all payments are subject to withholding and the withholding rate may be reduced under certain tax code provisions or tax treaties. Any reduction of the 30% withholding tax is dependent upon obtaining a valid W-8 series form or 8233 identifying your status and declaring that you are eligible for an exemption or reduced withholding rate due to an income tax treaty between your country and the United States, if applicable. These forms will be required prior to engaging in business with Lilly or when a supplier’s existing form has expired.

    Lilly cannot provide income tax advice to you; however, we do want to make the U.S. tax compliance process as straightforward as possible. You can also review a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the requirements and process. If after reading these instructions and reviewing the FAQs you have additional questions, we recommend that you consult your tax professional or you may refer to the website of the IRS which provides the appropriate forms and instructions you may need and informative publications that may be helpful to you. Of note, Publication 515, Withholding of Tax on Nonresident Aliens and Foreign Entities and Publication 519, U.S. Tax Guide for Aliens, may be beneficial.

    Taxpayers located outside the United States may also contact the IRS by mail, phone, or fax at the U.S. contact information below. Also, international offices are available and are listed here.

    Internal Revenue Service
    International Accounts Philadelphia, PA 19255-0725
    Tel: 267-941-1000 (not toll-free) Fax: 267-941-1055

    Phone service available from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm (EST) M-F