Three Learnings in the Global Fight Against NCDs

Lilly recently joined the Access Accelerated coalition, a global collaboration with the goal of finding solutions to addressing non-communicable diseases. The following post was written by Evan Lee, MD, Vice President of Global Health at Lilly, and originally appeared on the Business Fights Poverty website; we encourage you to read the full article there, linked below on this page.

Working in global development, it’s impossible to avoid seeing the heavy personal and societal tolls being wrought by cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease and mental health.

Public health campaigns, supported by commitments through the U.N. Sustainable Developments Goals, are mounting a global response to address these diseases. And much has already been learned about how to tackle the multi-faceted barriers to health care access through collective and coordinated action. As we look to make widespread impact against NCDs, three lessons emerge that should guide our work.

  1. Harness the power of partnership.

  2. Double down on primary care.

  3. Embrace and share learnings.

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