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Availability of Our Medicines

Lilly Canada’s top priority is to ensure patients in Canada can continue to access the medicines they rely on.

If you are having difficulty securing a quantity of a Lilly medicine for yourself or a pharmacy, please contact us at 1-888-545-5972.

Lilly Canada is committed to keeping people informed about the availability of our medicines. In the event of a shortage or discontinuation, we will post an update on the website of Drug Shortages Canada.

COVID-19: How We’re Managing Our Supply of Medicines

Among the concerns raised by the novel coronavirus is the question of whether patients can count on a reliable supply of medicine. Since the initial outbreak, Lilly has closely monitored our supply chain for any potential impact to the supply of our medicines around the world. We continue to monitor the situation, and our insulin manufacturing sites in the U.S. and Europe remain operational, with increased precautions in place to protect the supply of medicine and the welfare of our employees. If the situation changes, our intention is to post an update promptly on this website and on the website of Drug Shortage Canada. That said, again, we do not currently anticipate shortages for any of our medicines.

Safe Collection and Disposal of Medications and Other Health Products

Lilly Canada is committed to diverting expired and/or unused medications and other health products from landfills and sewers, and ensuring their safe and effective collection and disposal. We are a member of the Health Products Stewardship Association.


Don’t throw them out, visit the website of the Health Products Stewardship Association for information on the safe disposal of health products.

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