Strengthening Communities

Beyond our medicines, we have a long history of social impact through our efforts to strengthen communities around the world.

We invest our time, expertise and resources to make a meaningful difference, with a focus on improving health and education. We encourage our employees to volunteer and to give in ways that advance our purpose and are meaningful to them.

We also engage in targeted social issues that affect our business and employees in Canada. We advocate for solutions that build stronger communities where people – and companies like Lilly – can prosper and thrive.

Global Highlights

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1.2 million employee volunteer hours through Lilly Global Day of Service

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1,200 employees have volunteered in communities in need around the world through Connecting Hearts Abroad

Giving and Volunteering at Lilly Canada

Giving and volunteering are long-standing traditions at Lilly Canada. Both the company and employees are active in many causes and charitable programs that strengthen the communities in which we live and work.

In 2020, Lilly Canada proudly distributed more than $27.6 million in community support including grants, fellowships, charitable donations, medical education programs, sponsorship of medical and therapeutic associations, and free medicine distributed through our compassionate access programs and patient support programs.

In general, we support projects that:

  • Promote disease awareness and scientific innovation for optimal patient care.

  • Support the communities in which we operate.

Core Giving Initiatives

Lilly Grants for Philanthropy

Lilly Canada's Grants program is responsible for distributing philanthropic support to organizations that help address local community needs.

Supporting United Way of Canada

Each year Lilly Canada employees join together to donate their time, talents and financial resources during our annual fundraising campaign for United Way of Canada.

Employee Matching Gifts Program

Recognizing the importance of employees’ giving, Lilly Canada created an Employee Matching Gifts Program. Under this program, Lilly matches the contributions of employees to eligible charities. The program allows employees to help determine how to spend a portion of the company’s philanthropic resources locally while amplifying their support for humanitarian aid and relief efforts for natural disasters.

Core Volunteerism Initiatives

Local Volunteerism Program

Lilly Canada has evolved its volunteerism efforts to align with our mission as a health care company. In addition to the Global Day of Service, employees are provided with a day of company time every year to volunteer for eligible organizations in their local communities. Volunteer opportunities can be skills-based or labour-based, according to the interests of employees and the needs of recipient organizations. Employees are encouraged to support organizations that focus their efforts on health care, nutrition and food security, education, and improved housing — four key social determinants of health.

Employee Volunteerism Recognition Program

Lilly Canada created its Employee Volunteerism Recognition Program to encourage and recognize the many employees who volunteer their time and expertise in their community outside their workday. Lilly provides a volunteerism grant to eligible health care and educational institutions, as well as cultural and arts organizations, on behalf of participating employees who have volunteered 30 hours of volunteer service.