Statement 27 June - Medicines Help Ensure Treatment Continuity for Patients in Ukraine

Lilly’s supply of medicines, including more than two million doses of diabetes and cancer products, have made their way to hospitals and patients in Ukraine via our humanitarian partners. The most significant supply of medicines includes insulins with more than 117,000 vials and pens delivered thanks to Direct Relief and Project HOPE. A supply of Lilly’s COVID-19 therapies is in route to Ukraine and two additional supplies of diabetes and cancer products are in process with Direct Relief. Lilly continues to monitor the situation and to do what we can to contribute to the health and wellbeing of people in Ukraine during this ongoing and devastating crisis.

Statement 8 April - Lilly Medicines Arrive in Ukraine

An initial shipment of medicine provided by Lilly has arrived in Ukraine thanks to the tremendous efforts of our partners. The first shipment delivered is medicine to treat diabetes.

We are grateful for Project HOPE and Direct Relief whose teams are working under the most difficult and life-threatening conditions to identify quantities, safe routes and trusted transportation to healthcare providers and patients in Ukraine. This mission is further complicated by a complex supply chain process due to cold chain requirements for some medicines. 

As the need for these essential medications continues, Lilly will provide additional deliveries of medicines, including cancer treatments and a COVID-19 treatment, to help people in Ukraine and in neighboring countries. While we continue to hope for peace, we are prepared to respond even further to help ease the human suffering caused by this devastating crisis. 

Statement 15 March - Lilly Shifts Business Focus in Russia

For nearly 150 years, Lilly has worked to ensure patients have access to the medicines they need, no matter where they may live. We have an ethical and moral obligation to help alleviate human suffering and to protect the lives of patients. Lilly is deeply concerned with the tragic loss of innocent lives in Ukraine – and recognizes the challenges people are facing with access to essential medications like insulin.

We have taken several actions in response to the crisis in Ukraine. In addition to our donations of lifesaving medicine and the Lilly Foundation’s philanthropic commitment announced on March 3, Lilly has been focused on the safety of our employees in Ukraine.

We also have suspended all investments, promotional activities, and new clinical trials in Russia, as well as the exportation of non-essential medicines to that country. Our Russian operations are now only focused on ensuring people suffering from diseases like cancer and diabetes continue to get the Lilly medicines they need. Should we generate any profits from our sales in Russia, we will donate them to organizations dedicated to humanitarian relief.

We hope for an immediate end to the hostilities and a resolution to this crisis as soon as possible.

Statement 4 March

During humanitarian crises, Lilly and our employees, along with the Lilly Foundation*, feel compelled to respond – to do what we can to make life better for people around the world.

The tragic situation in Ukraine has impacted Lilly employees and patients who rely on our life-saving medicines. To support them, we are taking action.

Safety of Our Employees

Our Lilly colleagues in Ukraine are accounted for and safe at this time. We are in regular contact with them and will continue to provide support. Our priority continues to be their safety and wellbeing.

Access to Our Medicines

Lilly is donating $7.5 million of insulin to Project Hope, a U.S. nonprofit organization that empowers health care workers facing the world’s greatest health crises to build resilient communities and a healthier, more equitable world. Project Hope is currently on the ground in Ukraine and is actively shipping essential medicines and medical supplies to assist Ukrainians.

Support for Relief Organizations  

The Lilly Foundation is also making two equal monetary contributions totaling $500,000 to Direct Relief and to Americares to support their respective relief efforts in the region.

Americares is currently working to deliver aid for families facing crisis in Ukraine. They are collaborating closely with the World Health Organization, regional health authorities, and international, national and local response organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries.

The Lilly Foundation will also match eligible Lilly employee donations up to an additional $500,000.

We hope for an immediate end to the hostilities and a peaceful resolution to this crisis as soon as possible. 

*The Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. is a separate, tax-exempt organization.