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At Lilly, we strongly believe in the value of fostering true partnerships between our industry and external stakeholders. Combining our expertise, experience and resource, together we can work as one to make life better for people around the world.

SSPC - Science Foundation Ireland Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals:

Lilly is proud to be a leading industry partner in the SSPC here in Ireland since its foundation in 2013. Hosted at the University of Limerick, SSPC is a world-leading Science Foundation Ireland pharmaceutical research centre where the pharmaceutical industry and research academia collaborate to develop more efficient and effective pharmaceutical manufacturing processes.


The mission of SSPC is to position Ireland as a global hub for process innovation and advanced manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry, through:

  • Research Excellence: Execute excellent academic research in anticipation of future industry challenges

  • Advancing Talent: Equip the next generation of scientists and engineers with the skillset and attitude to meet future challenges

  • Societal Engagement: Engage with society to bring SSPC research to as wide an audience as possible

  • Global Impact: Develop a global reputation for delivering expertise and talent

Lilly has engaged in several important process development and improvement projects over the course of our involvement with the centre and we have seen the benefits of the partnership model beyond core project delivery, in terms of employee development, and the creation of successive cohorts of highly skilled post-doctoral research scientists to work with the industry in Ireland.

University College Cork – College of Science, Engineering and Food Science:

University College Cork is one of many important academic partners for Lilly in Ireland. A significant number of third-level graduates employed by Lilly across a wide range of disciplines, claim U.C.C. as their alma mater. In 2016, Lilly partnered with U.C.C. to further enhance the teaching and study of biopharmaceutical engineering at the university. The partnership has led to the following developments at the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science:


  • Creation of an Adjunct Professorship in the School of Engineering at U.C.C., a position held by Prof. Jarka Glassey, Newcastle University, Executive Vice President of the European Society for Biochemical Engineering Sciences (ESBES), IChemE Exec. Council between 2019-2022.

  • New teaching positions have been created with the addition of two new lectureship posts in the School of Engineering

  • Establishment of the Lilly Scholarship Fund for post-graduate studies in the College of Science, Engineering and Food Science. This fund provides for two annual bursaries, which are available for award to qualifying graduate students to continue their studies at doctoral or masters level.

Additionally, student internships are offered at both our Kinsale and Little Island sites for a number U.C.C courses including Business Information Systems, Commerce, Engineering and Science.

Lilly continues to work closely with U.C.C. on all aspects of the partnership and regularly provides guest lecturers from both Kinsale and Little Island sites to speak to a variety of undergraduate classes on specialised, technical topics from an industry perspective.

Munster Technological University:

Lilly has a close working relationship with M.T.U and provides guest lecturers from both Little Island and Kinsale sites to speak to a variety of undergraduate classes on specialised topics from an industry perspective.

Strong internship relationships have also been fostered with M.T.U. Each year Lilly is delighted to welcome a cohort of M.T.U students from courses including Chemical Engineering, Business, Business Administration, Accounting, Marketing and Media Communication.

As well as gaining hands-on practical experience, our interns are provided with opportunities to develop transferable skills that can be applied to their future careers. We place a large emphasis on developing self-awareness, and how being aware of our own personality and behavioural preferences can heavily impact how we complete our work and how we interact with others. Each month takes a different focus through a variety of workshops, skill sessions and coffee mornings.


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