This year, our Global Day of Service projects focused on building healthy lives, minds and communities. In Belgium, the GDOS volunteers spent a fulfilling day with Oxfam Belgium, more specifically at the Oxfam Belgium Yunus Center, named after the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus, who was awarded for pioneering the concepts of microcredit.

The Oxfam Yunus Center is a second-hand sorting centre of textiles, shoes, toys and IT equipment, located in Brussels. Here they sort the collected material to sell and set up projects to directly tackle inequality and poverty in Belgium and abroad. Through their second-hand shops they promote the circular economy and support the climate by recycling used clothes and thus reducing waste.

With a real Team Lilly spirit, the Belgian volunteers gave a helping hand at the Oxfam Yunus Center, providing a significant contribution in the second-hand sorting and supporting Oxfam's work for people in poverty!