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Protecting Lilly

Protect Lilly/Information Security

Information is vital to our business. It sustains our company and allows us to deliver on our mission. The protection of personal and/or confidential information is critical to ensure the important work we do for our patients is not put at risk. Information security is everyone’s job.

Suppliers are valued contributors to Lilly who help support and enhance our business processes. Suppliers also play an important role in protecting and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. Therefore, Lilly suppliers must meet certain security control expectations.

The following resources help suppliers more effectively identify and manage potential information security risks. More information can be obtained from your Lilly contact.


The external cybersecurity threat landscape continues to evolve rapidly targeting vulnerabilities in networks, systems and people. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued a recent announcement to raise awareness of the threat to pharma, research and health care organizations working on COVID-19-related research. To learn more, read CISA FBI PSA Covid-19.

Information Security Standard

Refer to the agreement for contractual obligations relating to information security. For standards and commitments, including the Information Security Standard, scroll down to the Standards and Commitments section of this page.

Third Party Business Rules for Secure Handling of Information

Business Rules for Secure Handling of Information

SAP Sourcing

Click the login link to access the Eli Lilly and Company SAP Sourcing tool. As a Supplier working with Eli Lilly and Company, you will be collaborating within this tool as requested by the Global Procurement organization. You may be requested or invited to participate in an RFx, Auction or Contract negotiation within the tool.

This site is to assist you in understanding how to login and navigate in the system and how to request support. Your company will only be granted initial access to the system, if requested by an authorized Eli Lilly and Company Procurement representative.

Supplier User Guides

Privacy Statement and Participation Agreement

Eli Lilly and Company is committed to ensuring the proper handling of Personal Information collected in connection with your business relationship with Lilly, in accordance with Eli Lilly’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy and local law. Please read the Eli Lilly and Company e-Sourcing Privacy Statement.

Participation Agreement

Supplier Support for SAP Sourcing

If you have login or system issues, contact your Lilly Procurement representative. If you do not know who your Procurement representative is, send an email to describing the issue in detail. Support is based out of the United States (Eastern time), Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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