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Pharmaceutical Marketer Price Disclosure Law: Vermont

January 1st, 2009

Re: Vermont's Pharmaceutical Marketer Price Disclosure Law (33 V.S.A. § 2005a)

Dear Lilly Supplier:

The state of Vermont passed a law requiring, as of March 1, 2005, that AWP prices be disclosed at each and all interactions with Vermont prescribers for all "pill-based" products. The information needs to be disclosed through a document called the Short Form. The affected Lilly products include: Cialis, Cymbalta, Evista, Prozac, Prozac Weekly, Strattera, Symbyax, Zyprexa, and Zyprexa Zydis.

What this means to you, as a supplier, is that you are required, to attach the applicable "Short Form" with all mailings and/or communications you are sending out to a prescriber, which includes a physician, his staff, or his agent, if you mention any of the above products by brand or generic name. This also means any "live" communication, including face-to-face, telephone or voicemail, including the person who answers the phone or the assistant that follows up. If you have interaction, you will either hand them the Short Form if you are face-to-face or send them the form within 24 hours of your communication if you have left a message or communicated on the telephone. You may not go forward with any of the communications discussed in the letter until you can comply with the law.

After you have reviewed the information posted on the Lilly Supplier Portal and if you still have questions regarding this law, please contact your project leader with whom you are currently working on any outstanding projects.

Thank you.

Eli Lilly and Company