Accessibility Statement

Improve Lives and Communities

Beyond our medicines, we positively impact society through our work to improve lives and communities around the world. We invest our time, expertise and resources to drive social impact. We encourage our employees to volunteer and give in ways that advance our purpose and are meaningful to them.

We also engage in targeted social issues that affect our business and employees, with an emphasis on health, racial justice and education. Starting in our headquarters’ hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, we focus on action and advocacy that build stronger communities where people – and companies like Lilly – can prosper and thrive. Learn more about our approach to improving lives and communities.

COVID-19 Response

The global pandemic brought on by COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. At Lilly, we joined our industry partners in bringing the unique scientific and medical expertise of the pharmaceutical industry to bear in the crisis. We will continue to work together with partners around the world to help affected patients and communities. See our global COVID-19 response page for more information.

Racial Justice

We are committed to leading the change we want to see in our communities where we live and work.

Launched in 2020, Lilly and the Lilly Foundation's Racial Justice Commitment aims to enhance equity and help decrease the burden of racial injustice and its effects on communities of color. As part of this effort, Lilly pledged 25,000 volunteer hours and the Lilly Foundation committed $25 million over five years.

 Learn more about our Racial Justice Commitment and the Lilly Foundation grant awards.


Lilly, the Lilly Foundation, and our employees have a proud history of supporting charitable organizations through product and cash donations.

For over 100 years, Lilly has supported United Way. Contributions from Lilly employees and retirees, plus matching gifts from the Lilly Foundation, total more than $300 million.   


Lilly employees are supported and encouraged to volunteer in communities around the world, both in person and virtually.

Connecting Hearts Abroad: More than 1,000 employees have volunteered in communities with limited resources to improve health across Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Global Day of Service: Each year, Lilly employees in more than 65 countries worldwide volunteer through our Global Day of Service. Since the program launched in 2008, employees have given more than 1 million hours through Global Day of Service initiatives, making it one of the largest single-day corporate volunteer programs globally.

Jointly, Lilly employees and local organizations create meaningful opportunities to drive impact and promote healthy lives, healthy minds and healthy communities around the globe. Learn more about Global Day of Service activities.

Racial Justice 25,000 hour pledge: Lilly pledged 25,000 volunteer hours as part of its Racial Justice Commitment to enhance equity and help decrease the burden of racial injustice and its effects on communities of color.


We believe every child deserves access to a quality education. And education is vital to a knowledge-based industry like ours.

Improving Education in Indiana: Lilly and Lilly employees work to support quality schools and engage students and teachers more deeply in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) studies. We focus our education efforts on our hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, where we have our largest footprint.

Responding to COVID-19: In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lilly Foundation joined forces with the city of Indianapolis and other local stakeholders to establish the Indianapolis E-Learning Fund to support local educators, students and families during the transition to at-home distance learning. The fund supports technology access, countywide e-learning and social-emotional learning strategies, and a statewide e-learning lab.

Disaster Relief

Lilly works with leading disaster relief organizations to prepare for the worst and respond with our collective best. We do this through disaster readiness efforts, providing medicines when requested by our partners and supporting people and communities to help them recover. See more on our efforts, resources and information.

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Committing to the Indy Racial Equity Pledge

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Global Day of Service

Meet Laura, a Lilly Employee Volunteering on the COVID-19 Frontlines