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Smart Risks. Bold Science.

We discover and develop breakthrough medicines that change people’s lives. As a community of scientists, we understand the brilliance and dedication this work takes. We also recognize our responsibility as partners to help advance life-changing medicines within our walls and beyond.

Let's Grow Together

We have a proven legacy of successfully funding, developing and accelerating innovation to address unmet needs. In fact, collaboration and partnerships are at the center of our origin.

More than 100 years ago, we pioneered strategic collaborations to scale the bold work of four University of Toronto research scientists to launch the world’s first commercial insulin. All these years later, we're still dedicated to discovering treatments that help people living with hard-to-treat diseases. Innovation can occur anywhere, so we’re determined to foster novel science where it happens around the globe.

We know that every partnership is different—from stage, modality, therapeutic area, and culture. We have the skill, capabilities, and know-how to bring a holistic suite of models to life to continuously meet your needs as you progress. You can come as you are, and we’ll grow together by sharing the best science in a highly collaborative environment.

We’re continuously innovating our partnering models to fit your company’s priorities. Learn more about our models below.

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