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Changing What’s Possible in Diabetes Care

Making life better for people with diabetes has been our heartbeat for the last 100 years. And, many of us are intimately touched by this condition, whether we have it or have loved ones who do.

That’s why we’re so excited about where we’re headed – leading a new era of innovation that can change what’s possible in the treatment of diabetes.

Since we launched the world’s first commercially available insulin in 1923, we’ve never stopped pushing the boundaries of research and science to improve diabetes care.

The History of Insulin

We’ve come a long way over the last century, including our latest innovation – the first new class of type 2 diabetes medicines in more than a decade. But we’re not stopping there. As the prevalence of diabetes continues to grow around the world, we need new approaches to transform care, improve treatment access and provide education to those navigating this disease every day.

Advancing Type 2 Diabetes Care

Worldwide, more than half a billion people have diabetes. In the U.S., it’s more than 37 million — and 9 out of 10 have type 2 diabetes, a complex disease where the body doesn’t use energy from food properly.

Despite the many treatment advancements in recent years, only half of the people living with diabetes are meeting goals for lowering their blood glucose levels. When glucose is not properly managed, it may lead to serious complications, including kidney disease, nerve damage, heart attack and stroke.

The needs of people with type 2 diabetes continue to evolve over time, and treatment approaches need to reflect that. Our cutting-edge research is focused on disrupting the progression of the disease to improve care and outcomes — allowing people with diabetes to live full, active and healthy lives.

Lilly’s Commitment to Innovation in Type 2 Diabetes

The Impact of Type 2 Diabetes on Families and Caregivers

How Lilly Looks to Bring New Treatment Approaches for People with Type 2 Diabetes

Deeply Rooted in Type 1 Diabetes

The discovery of insulin in the early 1920s was one of the great medical breakthroughs of the 20th Century, a true life-saving medicine for people with type 1 diabetes. Lilly worked with scientists at the University of Toronto to replicate their discovery on a mass scale, then distribute it to people all over the world. We’ve been supporting the care of people with type 1 and driving new innovations in insulin treatment ever since.

Today, we’re researching and developing technologies that could improve insulins, and innovating in digital connected care solutions for better treatment management. We’re also committed to helping people with diabetes get the medicine they need through our insulin access programs. And we’re working with advocates and other partners to provide resources and other programs to support people with type 1 diabetes as they navigate their lifelong journey.

Type 1 Programs We Proudly Support

See Where We're Headed

We’re driven by our purpose: uniting caring and discovery to create medicines that make life better. Our scientists are harnessing the power of biotechnology to urgently advance new discoveries with the potential to radically transform diabetes care – and change lives. See more of what we’re working on.

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If you use Lilly insulin and need support, we have solutions that can make life easier for you.