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Diabetes Resources for College Students

Going to college can be a big adjustment, especially for young adults living with diabetes. It’s a time when many leave home and take full responsibility for their diabetes care. Lilly is proud to partner with Diabetes Scholars to help with this transition.

Learn more about a few of our 2021 scholars below!

Lilly Scholarship Opportunities Through Diabetes Scholars

Diabetes Scholars, a Beyond Type 1 program, supports the path to higher education for students living with type 1 diabetes. Since 2012, Lilly has contributed through the creation of the Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders scholarship. And now, the Thom Scher Scholarship, named for the late president and CEO of Beyond Type 1, awarded to a graduating high school senior pursuing a degree in policy or advocacy-related work. 

This program recognizes students who:

  • Actively participate in the diabetes community

  • Perform at a high academic level

  • Take part in community and/or extracurricular activities

  • Demonstrate successful management of diabetes

Visit the Diabetes Scholars website for more information and to apply. College scholarship recipients are announced in May. 

2021 Scholars Spotlight: Where are they Now?

Get to know a few of our 2021 scholars! From their educational pursuits to serving as community advocates, we’re honored to share how these individuals are inspiring in and out of the classroom. Learn more about them, how they’ve found ways to manage their care, and some advice they’d give to college-bound young adults living with diabetes.

Meet Anna

Meet Elle

Meet Sidra

Anna standing on brick road with marquee in background

Anna W.

Anna is a freshman at The University of Louisville majoring in biology, with the goal of becoming an obstetrician/gynecologist. She is deeply passionate about education and has received several scholarships, including the Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship. At school, she’s involved in Task Force Freshmen, a policy organization on campus. Since starting college and joining different clubs and activities, Anna has learned how to manage her diabetes independently, which pushed her to advocate publicly for people with type 1 diabetes. Being a part of the 2021 Diabetes Scholars class left her with a sense of community and drive to bring awareness and break any taboo around the condition. Her advice for someone with diabetes who is college-bound is “to make people at your college aware that you have a disease, so you have support.” With college professors and friends, Anna has taken this advice in stride, which has led her to achieve academic excellence while being fully present in life.

Elle posting in front of greenery

Elle M.

Elle is a freshman at Johns Hopkins University majoring in chemical and biomolecular engineering. She hopes to one day work within the biomedical industry. Outside of the classroom and laboratory, she is a member of the school’s women’s soccer team. Since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2014, Elle has learned to manage her diabetes while not letting it limit her, especially with sports. As a full-time student athlete, she often goes from checking her blood sugar levels on the sideline to playing defense on the field. Her diagnosis has changed her, however. It influenced her decision to enter the world of STEM, with the goal of making a difference in the scientific community. Her words of wisdom for someone with diabetes who is college-bound are “to have trust and remind yourself that it is doable.” She is proud to share her experience and to represent the diabetes community as a Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders scholarship recipient.

Sidra sitting on the grass posing for photo

Sidra A.

Sidra is a freshman at Tufts University. She currently plans to major in film and media studies and is on a pre-med track. Inspired by several doctors she grew up around, Sidra has wanted to pursue a career in medicine from a young age. On top of her love for science, she is passionate about public health policy and wants to contribute to positive change in the healthcare system. Being a Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders scholarship recipient inspires her to do her best work because she knows others are supporting her goals. Outside of the classroom, Sidra enjoys skateboarding and playing soccer while also being an advocate for the Muslim community on campus. As a member of the Muslim Student Association and Arab Student Association, she works to bond members of the Muslim community while also making other communities feel accepted and safe. Her words of encouragement for someone with diabetes who is heading to college: “It’s not as difficult as it seems. You can educate your friends about diabetes so that they know.” Sidra also recommends building your own support group with other people living with diabetes on campus.

Elijah wearing shirt and tie standing in front of tree with orange leaves

Elijah W.

Elijah is a freshman at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, pursuing a degree in biomedical engineering. On top of balancing schoolwork and diabetes, Elijah is involved with numerous organizations on campus including National Society of Black Engineers, United Residence Hall Council, and Brothers United for Excellence. During his first year, Elijah has started his undergraduate research in musculoskeletal research in knee prosthetics and has found a new appreciation for how integral STEM is used to aid in healthcare. As a recipient of the Lilly Diabetes Tomorrow’s Leaders Scholarship, Elijah is confident in his decision to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering and is motivated to further his education after his four years at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, pursuing a career in prosthetics and medical devices.