Public Policy

Lilly’s long history of medical discovery is a source of pride for many of us. Lilly has been active in Canada since 1938, and we care deeply about the health of Canadians. Policy decisions taken by governments, both federally and provincially, have an impact on how effectively we can improve treatment options for Canadians. Lilly Canada supports making medicines accessible for patients, and advocates for health system improvements.

Pricing and Access

The federal government has proposed changes to the manner in which the Patented Medicine Prices Review Board regulates the prices of patented medicines. These changes would create uncertainty in the pharmaceutical sector, and risk inhibiting patient access to new innovative medicines and disincentivizing investment in Canada.

Expanding affordable access to medicine in a way that does not curtail the development and launch of new innovative medicines in Canada is a priority for Lilly.


Lilly Canada endorses an approach to pharmacare that focuses resources where they’re most needed: filling critical gaps and finding solutions for Canadians most in need of support. Most Canadians have coverage for the pharmaceutical treatments that they need; it’s important to prioritize people who don’t.


Lilly believes that the prices we set for our innovative medicines reflect the value they provide to patients, health care providers, payers and society as a whole, as well as the importance of sustaining research into unmet medical needs, and the scientific innovation the medicines represent. In other words, that tiny pill is really a big idea.

You can learn more about Lilly’s perspective on prices, cost and value below: