At Lilly, we have been dedicated to finding solutions for Alzheimer’s disease for more than 30 years and are proud of our research progress, which continues to help advance and inform the scientific understanding of this devastating disease.

We know that there is still a long way to go when it comes to defeating Alzheimer’s disease, and we know we can’t do it alone. Some of the best scientific breakthroughs happen through collaboration and our commitment extends beyond our own research; we believe in supporting programmes that will help further scientific and clinical understanding of dementia.

We are delighted to support the Alzheimer’s Society Annual Conference and the Alzheimer's Disease International Annual Conference and welcome the focus on the importance of a dementia diagnosis. A timely and accurate diagnosis is critically important to people living with the signs of dementia, their caregivers and medical professionals, and to help ease the burden of dementia on healthcare systems as a whole. We also believe that the opportunity to prevent or delay the decline of dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease lies in detecting and treating this disease earlier than we do today.

Lilly’s neurodegeneration pipeline is one of the deepest in the industry and is shaped by the discoveries we’ve made over three decades of research and development. Our current programme focuses predominantly on developing disease-modifying therapies that slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. We’re also studying ways to treat the symptoms of other forms of dementia. 

Dementia Discovery Fund:

Lilly is one of the founding members of the Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF), the world’s largest venture fund focused entirely on discovering and developing novel therapies for dementia, including Alzheimer’s research. For us, participating in the DDF builds on our company’s own 30-plus year commitment to research in Alzheimer’s disease.

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