Volunteering & Giving Opportunities

Lilly has an established history of community involvement in Ireland and believe that our obligations extend beyond the medicines we make.

We seek to be a responsible employer and business partner. In addition, our company and our employees volunteer their time and skills to many causes and charitable programmes. These programmes vary across our locations in Ireland, but they share a common purpose in aiming to provide meaningful support to the communities in which we live and work.


Educational Outreach

Lilly believes that the medicines of tomorrow rely on future generations to discover them. To help achieve this we are supportive of educational projects for primary, secondary and third level education.

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large group of Lilly volunteers wearing red shirts waving at the camera

Global Day of Service

Every year, Lilly employees volunteer in local communities around the world through our Global Day of Service. We partner with local organisations to advance their efforts to promote healthy lives, healthy minds and healthy communities.

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Charitable Giving

Both our Kinsale and GBS Cork operations support cultural, charitable, sporting organisations and events, as well as health and educational-based projects in our community.

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