Manufacturing for Better Lives

For more than 145 years, Lilly has been in the business of making life-saving medicines. Our drug manufacturing process is complex, methodical and science-based. Making medicines takes a dedication to people, scientific excellence, attention to detail and collaboration.

Through a dedication to four core principles of drug manufacturing, we deliver on our promise to produce high-quality medicines that improve people’s lives:


When making any major decision, the first question is, “What does the science tell us about how this situation may impact our patients?”. People are at the core of our commitment to high-quality standards and serve as the driving force behind our work.

Science-Based Approach

Many people don't realise that a science-based approach is critical to the drug manufacturing process. From drug development to shipping of the medicine to the patient, each medication requires unique development and process controls. Specialised knowledge and highly controlled environments are vital to ensure a reliable supply of efficacious medicines.

Precision and Technology

Every aspect of production is thoughtful. We do not make widgets. We make medicines that people put into their bodies. Every dosage and every capsule has to be precise each time. We empower everyone with the ability to stop production if things are unsafe or go unexpectedly. Continually critiquing our processes and, where appropriate, bringing in new technologies guarantee our rigorous quality standards are always met.


The nature of making medicines is collaborative. We have biologists, microbiologists, chemists, material scientists, engineers and other experts in Technical Services who have deep technical and scientific drug-making knowledge. Starting with our late-phase clinical trials, we work with colleagues in other parts of manufacturing, quality and development throughout the life cycle of the drug to ensure the product stays consistent. Collaboration between teams results in breakthrough products and newer, more innovative approaches to making high-quality medicines.

People who work for Lilly Manufacturing are deeply committed to patient safety. The importance of Lilly – why we exist – is to help people live longer, healthier, more active lives.


Manufacturing at Kinsale

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