Kinsale Careers

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing, laboratory and pilot plant facilities at Kinsale, Co. Cork offer exceptional career opportunities for those looking to make a difference in their careers and the lives of others.

Lilly Kinsale – Working Together for a Better Life

Our mission at Lilly Kinsale is based upon helping people live longer, healthier, more active lives. By channeling your unique set of skills and talents into a career with us, you’ll play an integral role in helping to focus on and accomplish that mission every day.

In the world of Lilly Manufacturing, you will find opportunities to use your skills to improve the lives of others in an innovative environment. There are many exciting career paths available across a variety of functions at Kinsale and the nature of our site means career opportunities to work with traditional batch chemical synthesis technology, biotechnology, synthetic peptide and continuous manufacturing technologies – all within one site boundary.

The site engineering team is an integral part of site manufacturing operations. This team is tasked with developing and overseeing the high-tech equipment and engineering processes that are used to make medicines at Kinsale. Engineering innovation has become part of the everyday experience at Kinsale as we continue to implement new technologies across all manufacturing platforms on the campus.

Supporting those manufacturing teams is a wide range of functional teams including Analytical Laboratories and Manufacturing Science/Technical Services. These teams have access to high-specification laboratories and technologies such as analytical characterisation, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and a pilot-scale manufacturing plant within our biotechnology site.


Kinsale Student Opportunities

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Live4Life is a dynamic strategy, changing to respond to the evolving needs and priorities of employees, as measured by a regular independent survey of employee preferences. The most recent updates to the strategy were the addition of Diversity and Inclusion and Environmental Sustainability within the Live Well and Live Healthy pillars respectively.

A new employee services facility is currently under construction at Lilly Kinsale and when completed – it will accommodate a fully equipped gym, 2 fitness studios, mothers' room, wellness rooms and new occupational health consultation areas. The facility will also include a large restaurant called “The Farmhouse” and a small café called “Café Beag” - which were named by popular vote of employees on the site!

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Live4Life at Lilly Kinsale

At Kinsale, we have an holistic and integrated approach to employee health, safety & wellbeing called “Life4Life”, which is built on four essential pillars: Live Safe, Live Fit, Live Healthy, Live Well.

The site is also home to critical functional teams such as Quality, Regulatory Affairs, Environmental, Health and Safety, Finance and Human Resources. The success of Lilly Kinsale has been built on a sustained culture of positive teamwork across all these teams since the foundation of the site.

There are opportunities to take a technical career path, developing deep technical expertise in your chosen functional area; or to pursue an administrative career where you may become a supervisor or manager, leading a team of people who work to deliver our site and company purpose – to make life better for people around the world.

For those who may be interested in taking a leap beyond the site – there are also opportunities for both short and longer term international assignments at other manufacturing sites around the world, or at Lilly Corporate Centre, Indianapolis, in the U.S.A.

At all stages of your career, you will find continuous learning and development opportunities and programmes to help you on your career journey at Lilly. You will also find a huge variety of health and wellness programs, sports and social activities and a host of other benefits if you join our team!

Whatever path you choose, you will find Lilly Manufacturing at Kinsale is an exciting place to work, with a genuine, supportive and friendly team spirit that epitomises the warmth and welcome of West Cork.