Activating Change in Diabetes

People from Black African, Black Caribbean, and South Asian backgrounds are over-represented in the population living with diabetes, tend to develop Type 2 Diabetes at a younger age and are at greater risk of developing associated complications than those from other ethnic groups. 1,2

Lilly UK convened a steering group of healthcare professionals, community group representatives, and people living with diabetes to explore the reasons behind existing inequalities. Using the insights shared by the steering group, we have co-created a ‘Charter for Change’ that contains targeted recommendations to improve diabetes care and outcomes for people from these ethnic minority groups.

charter cover.png

Read the 'Charter for Change'


1) Diabetes UK. Diabetes Statistics. Available at: [Accessed November 2021]

2) Lanting LC et al. Ethnic Differences in Mortality, End-Stage Complications, and Quality of Care Among Diabetic Patients. Diabetes Care 2005 Sept; 28(9): 2280-2288