Environmental Sustainability

Our purpose of making life better includes protecting and preserving the world we live in.

We’re Minimising Our Environmental Impact

Making medicines requires the use of valuable resources including energy, water and raw materials. We’re committed to continually improving our environmental impact across our product life cycles and supply chain – with a focus on addressing climate change, waste and water security.

At Lilly, we recognise that climate change is one of the greatest issues confronting humanity and our planet. As a global company committed to making life better for people, we also recognise our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint, which is why we’ve set ambitious global sustainability goals for 2030.

2030 Environmental Goals

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Carbon neutral in our own operations. 100% renewable electricity. Enhance full value-chain emissions reporting.

Energy And Environment Waste


Zero waste to landfills. 100% of plastic waste repurposed for beneficial use. Integrate sustainability into product and packaging design.

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No impact to water-stressed areas. No impact from pharmaceuticals in the environment.