HCP Support

Lilly recognises the need for healthcare professionals to receive ongoing clinically and scientifically accurate and relevant education. We support education for healthcare professionals both directly (through Lilly developed programs) and indirectly through support to attend independently organised educational programs.   

Our current support policy

We recognise the importance of our relationships with healthcare professionals and patient groups and also recognise that they must meet the expectations driven by today’s social and economic climate.

From June 2013, Lilly limited new support requests for UK healthcare professionals to events taking place in the UK or Republic of Ireland. This change has been made in line with changing industry standards and to create even greater transparency regarding our financial relationships with healthcare professionals.

All payments to healthcare professionals are regulated by the ABPI Code of Practice to ensure fair market rates are paid. Lilly does not provide support to healthcare professionals or otherwise provide educational funding for the purpose of rewarding or incentivising past, current or future prescribing practices. 

Lilly is committed to professional education and is continuously exploring opportunities to facilitate access to the latest medical information and finding new solutions to educate healthcare professionals. We are working with major scientific and medical associations to support education without the need for direct support from Lilly.

To find out more, please contact your local Lilly Sales Representative.