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We help people get better, feel better and live better. It’s been our purpose for more than 140 years. We do this through our medicines, our people and our commitment to improve lives and communities around the world. We work every day to grow our business in responsible ways that improve people’s lives and benefit society. We set and measure challenging goals to continually improve what we do – and how we do it. 

Our impact starts with the purpose of our business: to create medicines that make life better. Building on our purpose, we focus our efforts on five key areas:

  • Increase access to medicines

  • Improve Lives and Communities

  • Empower a Diverse Workforce

  • Minimise our Environmental Impact

  • Operate Ethically and Responsibly

To learn about Lilly's global impact visit www.lilly.com/impact

PP-MG-SE-0146 June 2021