Global Women's Network (WN)

Diane Cruz BurkeThere is an enormous breadth and depth of talent in the women who work across our company. The Lilly Global Women’s Network (WN) strives to provide support, voice and advocacy to these women - as patients, consumers, and healthcare decision makers - in a way that connects more directly to our mission to improve outcomes for individual patients.

The network has grown to over 2,500 members globally since its inception in 1995. In addition to offering a myriad of initiatives of its own, one major task of the global "umbrella" network is partnering directly with its many satellite groups that provide support to women in various business units and at Lilly affiliates around the globe. 

The network, which is the largest of the 10 employee resource groups at Lilly, focuses on three areas related to its purpose: Connect, Empower, Achieve:

  • Actively enabling women’s development to ensure Lilly’s success
  • Connecting Lilly women with the external opportunities and expertise
  • Connecting Lilly women to each other to leverage expertise and content across subgroups– especially through support of the satellite groups around the world

Events & Initiatives


"Women are an important customer since they make the majority of healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. To understand and meet those diverse needs, we need to make sure everyone has the opportunity to contribute and lead."

Eiry Roberts, MD

Lilly Vice President

WN accomplishes its goals through a variety of corporate and local programming, including:

  • Quarterly speaker events focused on key leadership topics identified by Lilly women
  • Mentoring programs to assist in the retention and development of women
  • An annual recognition event to celebrate those women promoted in the last year
  • Partnership with the Global Diversity and Inclusion Office on various initiatives that support the retention and promotion of women
  • Tailored initiatives in coordination with affiliate networks to help women develop globally
  • Awareness and membership drives for organizations such as Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and AWIS to connect women with external leadership opportunities
  • Participation in Integrating Women Leader’s Conference and initiated scholarship program to recognize top women talent across the company
  • Teleconferences with Lilly female leaders focusing on community involvement as a means to professional development
  • Hosting external speaker programs featuring women executives in the pharmaceutical industry telling their business-patient connection stories

In 2011, the group hosted the first combined meeting of the Women District Sales Managers and Women’s Network to provide a variety of workshops on personal and professional development, networking and access to senior leaders within the company.

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