Lilly is one of the first pharmaceutical companies to have established a dedicated Lilly Bioethics Program that devotes full-time resources to the area and is committed to promoting excellence in ethics. The Program is an independent organizational unit within Lilly with a dedicated senior leader and full-time staff.

The Program is designed to address the increasingly complex ethical challenges of global pharmaceutical Research & Development (R&D) in today's fast-paced biotechnology environment. It promotes ethical research and drug development, safeguards the integrity of the scientific process, and protects patients' well-being. The purpose of the Program is to assist employees in identifying and addressing bioethical issues related to Lilly Research Laboratory's (LRL) R&D activities.

To ensure all employees are well-versed in Lilly’s values and ethics, Lilly offers numerous bioethics activities in which employees can be involved including trainings, lectures, seminars and case discussions.

For more information on Lilly’s position on relevant and emerging topics within bioethics, please see the following: