Chorus Research & Development

Lilly Chorus is a full-service, autonomous special force unit within the company that specializes in lean to Proof of Concept (PoC) clinical development for internal (Lilly) and external assets. 

  • Focuses on those experiments that can provide quick go/no-go decisions and create strong PoC data packages 

  • Pulls risk forward by implementing development work that drives the largest change in technical probability of success and greatest value in the shortest time 

  • Defers expense on work not necessary for the PoC data package until there is a validated mechanism and viable drug candidate. 

  • Utilizes a streamlined quality system fit for PoC development 

  • Provides a co-located team of drug development experts, averaging over 15 years of industry experience, across the service areas of CMC (large and small molecule), Toxicology, PK, Clinical, Regulatory, Quality and Sourcing 

  • Improves productivity in both time and cost compared to average pharmaceutical R&D metrics 

The Chorus strategy is to (1) develop, de-risk and increase the value of early phase internal (Lilly) and external assets supporting Lilly's capital fund strategy, (2) develop assets/targets outside Lilly's core focus areas, and (3) provide additional resources and an alternative development approach for Lilly's therapeutic focus areas. 

Since its creation in 2002, Chorus has supported over 80 development programs (a mix of Lilly-sponsored and non-Lilly sponsored programs) throughout North America, Europe and Asia, some of which have progressed to phase 3 and as marketed products. 

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Learn more about the Chorus model in this brochure and this article: A Decade of Innovation in Pharmaceutical R&D: the Chorus Model