The Insulin Affordability Conversation

From pioneering the manufacturing and distribution of the first animal-source insulin in 1923 to launching the first biosynthetic form of human insulin, Lilly has been working for over 95 years to develop medicines that save and improve the lives of people with diabetes. 

Lilly continues to research, develop and manufacture innovative insulin products and technologies to improve adherence, outcomes and convenience for people living with diabetes.

While the current health care system largely ensures affordable access to insulin for people with diabetes, we recognize the health care system does not work for every person. Some people either have no insurance or growing deductibles in high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). These people may incur relatively higher out-of-pocket costs for their medicines. For example, if a person has an HDHP – particularly one where the insurer does not exempt preventive medicines from the deductible – that person may have to pay most of or the entire retail price for the treatment at the pharmacy before their deductible is met and their insurance begins to pay for the health care.

How we price our medicines is not a decision we take lightly, or without considering how it will impact patients’ ability to access medicines. Read on to learn more about the U.S. health care system and what Lilly is doing to address access and affordability for our insulins.

Insulin: More Than 90 Years of Innovation

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Lilly Diabetes Solution Center

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Tackling Insulin Affordability

Insulin Access and Affordability