Supplier Diversity

We believe that doing business with a diverse set of suppliers delivers value to the company and creates a competitive advantage for us by linking the fresh perspectives and nimble thinking of ethnically diverse, women-owned, and small businesses to our internal business needs. We actively seek to expand relationships with these types of suppliers, which we view as an often untapped source of talent.

Since 2005, the U.S. Small Business Administration has recognized us as “outstanding” in our efforts to promote and maintain supplier diversity. In 2016, we spent more than $599.6 million with 600-plus suppliers classified as diverse, woman- and/or LGBTQ-owned businesses, as well as more than $558.4 million with 1,500-plus suppliers classified as small businesses.

"Diversity and inclusion are business imperatives at Lilly. We are committed to be the best organization we can be and that will not be possible without fully embracing diversity. We want to attract the best talent, work with the very best suppliers and deeply understand ALL of the patients who need our medicines. The Lilly supplier diversity program is an important component of our comprehensive diversity agenda."

Dave Ricks
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Be a Small/Diverse Supplier
Diversity in Suppliers FAQ
Gordon Brooks Chief Procurement Officer, Lilly

"Our diversity focus areas are the people we hire, the patients in the marketplace we serve, and the suppliers we partner with in our supply chain. Our commitment to supplier diversity helps us serve patients & customers worldwide by making our supply base a source of competitive advantage."

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