Accessibility Statement

Driving Innovation for Clinical Trial Access

More people need better access to clinical trials. Learn about our unique approach to help or find the right trial for you.

We’re on the road with a new approach to clinical trials—one that expands access to cutting-edge medicines and treatments. Using mobile research units outfitted with medical equipment, we’re able to reach more people with clinical trials, include more diversity within them, and provide education about the value of participation. We want to change the way our industry thinks about clinical trials and ensure patients are in the driver’s seat.

An Urgent Need Provides a Long-Term Solution

The idea to use mobile units began during the pandemic when we needed to reach our most vulnerable communities with our COVID-19 trials. It quickly became apparent that this approach could provide better access in other clinical trials too.

Paving the Way for Better Access

Diverse representation in clinical trials helps ensure new medicines can work for the most amount of people. But traditional trials and screenings don’t always make it easy to participate. The mobile units are a simple idea that can help in a big way.

Better Access Means More Equity

Most patients live 80% of their lives within 28 minutes of their home. If we want patients to have access to life-changing medicines through clinical trial participation, we need to fit the process into their lifestyle and meet them where they are.

But the mobile research units are about more than just convenience. Clinical trials need to reflect the diversity of the patients they’re meant for. To ensure a medicine is as effective as possible, we need to research how someone may respond based on variables like age, sex, race and ethnicity. The mobile research units help us screen in areas and places you’d never expect to see us. In combination with remote visits in some trials, the units can serve broader areas and more people. We’re working to break down barriers that stand in the way of increasing diversity within clinical trial participation.

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