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Our Racial Justice Commitment: From Pledge to Progress

In 2020, Lilly and the Lilly Foundation launched the Racial Justice Commitment, which supports effective solutions to help combat racial inequity and social injustice. The commitment seeks to improve the educational, health, professional, and social mobility outcomes for Black Americans and individuals from other historically underrepresented communities.

Eric Dozier, our Executive Vice President of HR and Diversity explains, “There’s an African proverb that says, ‘If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.’ We plan to go farther and faster — together.”

We're taking substantive actions to leverage our partnerships, influence, and investments to create lasting change and make life better for our employees, patients, and communities. This includes joining the One Ten Coalition, which aims to connect one million Black individuals with family-sustaining careers over ten years.

“Creating an equity ecosystem in Central Indiana and beyond is crucial to creating a society where historically marginalized groups can move beyond systemic barriers and thrive,” Dozier continued.

Pledge to Progress

As of April 2023

Red and black arrow pointing northeast

$214.7M increase

in Diverse Supplier spending with an estimated Indianapolis community impact of $700M

icon of black hand shaking red hand

$110M committed

to minority-led venture capital firms supporting Black, Latinx, Women and LGBTQ+ startups

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$17M awarded

to Indianapolis-based nonprofit organizations that combat racial injustice

icon of two hands with a heart between them

30,000+ volunteer hours

served by employees to advance racial justice initiatives

icon of person giving presentation of graph

900+ leaders

have completed Lilly's supplier diversity training

icon of person holding briefcase walking up stairs

120+ apprentices

from underrepresented groups trained for family-sustaining jobs at Lilly

Our pledges and programming are only a glimpse at our progress since the Racial Justice Commitment began in 2020. As our chair and CEO, Dave Ricks said upon announcing our pledge to racial justice and equity, “Now is the time for action. Let’s hold ourselves accountable for progress.”

Five Focus Areas

Through the Racial Justice Commitment, we seek to create change in these five focus areas:

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Latest News

Learn more about the latest Racial Justice Commitment news and events happening in Indianapolis and around the country.