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Lilly to Begin Rollout of Tempo® Personalized Diabetes Management Platform

Eli Lilly and Company is proud to announce the rollout of the Tempo® Personalized Diabetes Management Platform, its first connected platform for adults with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, in late-2022 in the U.S. The technology aims to help people with diabetes and healthcare professionals make informed, data-backed decisions to help manage treatment with Lilly insulins.

“Lilly has over a century of knowledge of insulin and its complexities, and recognizes the emotional impact of managing diabetes1,2,” said Kevin Cammack, Head of Connected Care, Lilly Diabetes. “Launching this platform is an opportunity for us to more broadly support those who rely on our insulins.”

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For more information, connect with our Tempo Customer Support Service by calling 1-855-Lilly-Tempo. Text TEMPO to 85099 for alerts and updates on the Tempo platform.

To learn more about Lilly’s work in diabetes, please visit

Warning: The Tempo Personalized Diabetes Management Platform is intended to help support the management of your diabetes. You must continue to independently manage your blood glucose values and your prescribed regimen with support from your healthcare practitioner.

*The actual pen color and the physical pen may vary from the illustration based on the insulin brand used. Smartphone not included with the Tempo Personalized Diabetes Management Platform.


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