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Black Health Matters and Lilly Bring Breast Care to Underserved Neighborhoods

December 1, 2022    Posted by: Eli Lilly and Company


Acres Homes, a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, is like many urban neighborhoods across the country: a mix of races and cultures, many living below the poverty level and off the radar for health care – especially regarding breast health.

Black women are more likely to die from breast cancer than any other racial group in the U.S. – often because of inequities in access to diagnosis and treatment. Lilly sponsored Black Health Matters and The Links organization in support of their "Join the Movement,” mobile mammogram events in five U.S. cities this summer providing breast cancer screenings and hopefully saving more lives.

"Our whole goal and mission are to inform African Americans about how best to take care of their health. Because of Lilly, we can bring an event like this to the Houston community," explained Lynette Roach of Black Health Matters. "We've done this in several other cities: Newark, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and now, Houston. It means a lot to us to be able to connect directly with the community and to impact their lives in this positive way regarding breast health.”

Black Health Matters and local organizations also handed out materials about breast health, how to do self-care exams, the importance of yearly exams, and knowledge of family genetic history regarding breast health.

"The importance of bringing the mammogram to Acres Homes means we're targeting those that don't have access to insurance, which are a lot of patients," said Dr. Stacy Jones Reed, a primary care physician in the Acres Home community.

When organizations join forces with the idea that we can and should help make life better for everyone, there's potential for significant change. This sponsorship is an example that highlights the impact of what is possible. 

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