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Lilly Global Health: Diabetes Impact Project in Indianapolis

April 20, 2018    Posted by: David Marbaugh


Lilly has launched a community-based pilot in our hometown of Indianapolis to help address the high incidence of diabetes in three underserved neighborhoods. Building on similar efforts we developed in lower-income settings in Mexico, India and South Africa, this $7 million, five-year pilot will focus on three neighborhoods with significant health disparities and high rates of diabetes. 

This pilot will target people with diabetes or at risk for the disease. The three communities were selected based on high prevalence of diabetes, socio-economic factors and highly engaged community members and organizations. 

Globally, 425 million people have diabetes, with a prevalence rate of 8.4%. In the three target neighborhoods in Indianapolis, prevalence rates are as high as 17.5%. An estimated 10,000 people living in these neighborhoods already have diabetes. 

Lilly is partnering with the IU Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health at IUPUI and several other local organizations. Most importantly, we’re partnering with community members, who are leading many of the efforts to identify barriers and solutions.