Accessibility Statement

Update on Humalog® (insulin lispro injection) and Insulin Lispro Injection 10mL Vial

April 12, 2024

We understand how vital insulin is to the patients who rely on it and take our responsibility to supply these medicines seriously. As with all of our products, we regularly monitor our supply chain and evaluate demand for our portfolio to help meet the needs of patients.

All Lilly insulins are available in the U.S. for patients living with diabetes, including 10 mL vials of Humalog® (insulin lispro injection) 100 units/mL and Insulin Lispro Injection 100 units/mL. But, the market and supply chain continue to be dynamic, so some pharmacies may still experience intermittent outages. For most of our insulin products, we have more than one presentation option, like pre-filled pens and cartridges, which provide greater opportunity for patients in the U.S. and across the globe to access our medicines.

Anyone experiencing difficulty in getting their prescription filled should check with other pharmacies for available supply or contact their healthcare provider to discuss treatment options. Patients who are in immediate need of insulin and cannot access their usual healthcare professional should seek alternative urgent care.