Accessibility Statement

Sigilon Therapeutics


Cell and gene therapy has long been an interest of researchers to potentially replace existing therapies for chronic diseases. Despite advancements in the field, drawbacks remain, which is why we developed our novel Shielded Living Therapeutics™ (SLTx) platform. We believe the platform has the potential to result in functional cures for people with a wide range of acute and chronic diseases. Our initial focus is conducting research on the potential role of cell therapy in patients with type 1 diabetes.

SLTx Platform

Sigilon's SLTx platform is comprised of two primary elements: the cells and the sphere. We differentiate stem cells into the appropriate cell type required for the therapeutic program. For example, for our type 1 diabetes program, we differentiate stem cells into islets, containing glucose-responsive, insulin-secreting cells.

Our human cell lines are selected for each indication based on their safety, durability, scalability, functionality and engineerability. These cells are subsequently encapsulated in our proprietary and biocompatible spheres, which are designed to prevent the generation of an immune response while enabling nutrient influx and therapeutic protein efflux.



In addition to the cells and the sphere described above, a state-of-the-art modular manufacturing platform for all potential product candidates was developed using our cell and sphere components. Nearly all aspects of the platform can be shared across our development programs, enabling a potentially streamlined path from discovery to clinical trials.