Accessibility Statement


Use the Portal to check invoice status and details of payment. You will leave Click "continue" to proceed to the portal.

Standard Payment Terms (unless country-specific legal requirements dictate otherwise for the below points):

  • Lilly standard payment terms for suppliers are Net 60 days.

  • Supplier payments are executed weekly without pulling payments forward, unless early payment discount terms apply.

  • Payment terms are applied based on the date the supplier's invoice is received by Lilly (receipt date) and not the supplier's invoice date.

  • Reference to 60-day payment terms, weekly payment runs and terms based on invoice date of receipt are captured in Lilly's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.

Note: Lilly’s preferred method of payment is electronic. This eliminates payment receipt delays. Payment/remittance advice is sent directly from Lilly’s bank to the supplier email, which is populated in the supplier’s master record for Lilly.