Accessibility Statement

Prospective Suppliers

Suppliers seeking to do business with Eli Lilly and Company can click on the link below to submit their information.

Prospective Supplier Form

Please note: Due to data protection notification requirements, the following countries are not options in the Country drop-down lists in the Online Supplier Form, and contacts in these countries should not submit their contact information: Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Ghana, Israel, Morocco, Peru, Philippines, Russian Federation, Serbia, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

Lilly Supplier Code of Business Conduct

Lilly is committed to acting with integrity. We earn the trust and respect of our customers, regulators and the general public through the manner in which we conduct our business and their resulting experiences. Our suppliers help us earn and maintain trust and respect by conducting Lilly business in accordance with Lilly values.

View the resources below to learn about Lilly's beliefs, values and guiding principles.

Lilly Supplier Code of Business Conduct

Lilly Working with Third Parties (Third Party Risk Management)

Your partnership and delivery of products, services, or capabilities are important to Lilly and help achieve our mission. Through our relationship, Lilly expects that you meet the expectations of our industry, including the management of risk. Lilly has established the Working with Third Parties program to focus on identifying and managing potential risks posed by its associated third parties. As a potential or established supplier of Lilly, you are subject to Lilly’s risk management evaluation and subsequent processes throughout the lifecycle of the engagement.