Diversity & Inclusion

We believe embracing diversity means understanding, respecting and valuing differences. At Lilly, our commitment to diversity spans our workplace, marketplace and relationships with suppliers.

Diversity in the Workplace

A focus on diversity and inclusion is built into our workplace culture. From recruiting and hiring to talent management processes, we see direct benefit when our workforce is not only representative of a the marketplace we serve, but fully engaged so we benefit from each employee’s diverse views and ideas.

Diversity in the Marketplace

We’re inspired to make a difference in people’s lives every day – through the discovery of life-changing medicines, better understanding of disease management and support for people living with illness. We do this with a commitment to diversity and inclusion because we recognize that every individual is unique.

We know that caring for people across the globe and working to make lives better starts with understanding and including everyone in our effort to discover solutions that make life better.

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Dave Ricks Chairman and CEO, Lilly

“Embracing D&I is all about the pursuit of excellence. To deliver the new medicines our customers need, we need the best people from all backgrounds to bring their best ideas – and be heard. We’re building an environment where there’s equality for all and inclusion for everyone."

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