Accessibility Statement

Lilly Supplier eConnect Portal

Lilly eConnect Invoice Portal will be retired on 31st of March 2022 and replaced with Ariba Network solution, our new strategic Source to Pay partner.  The ongoing migration of existing eConnect suppliers into Ariba, that began in 2021, will continue through Q2 2022.   

Existing Lilly eConnect Suppliers should take prompt action to Register themselves on the Ariba Network.  For detailed information to complete the Ariba Registration,  please click here

Please expect to hear directly from the Lilly Supplier Enablement Team over the coming weeks to ensure you have all the necessary support to make a successful transition into the Ariba network. A significant volume of Lilly Suppliers have already made the transition, and we will now focus on the remaining suppliers, to ensure no disruption to your purchase order, invoice, payment & inquiry services, before the final retirement of eConnect by 31st of March 2022 For the list of entities now live on Ariba please click here .

Please feel free to contact us directly with your transition questions. or We are happy to support your questions and assist you to ensure a successful transition into the Ariba solution for PO  and invoicing services.